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Venta de entradas para los toros en las ventas, distribuidor oficial

Tickets for Bullfighting in Las Ventas

On our website you can buy tickets for the bullfights of the two major bullfighting fairs held in the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas Madrid: the Feria de San Isidro and the Feria de Otoño. Once purchased, tickets can be picked up at our physical store in front of the main gate of the Las Ventas bullring, Calle de Alcalá, 237. See the section “Toros La Central” for the exact location and timetables. We also offer you the possibility of picking up your tickets at our ticket office in front of the square on the same day as the bullfight. In this case, please contact us once you have purchased your bullfighting tickets.

Distribuidor autorizado ventas de entrada las ventas

Tickets for the San Isidro Fair and the Autumn Fair

We sell tickets online to attend the bullfights in Madrid, in the Plaza de las Ventas.
We have tickets for the San Isidro Fair and the Autumn Fair.

In our online store you can choose Tendido and Fila guided by our Layout scheme to know which part of the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas corresponds to each location. We guarantee the best prices, as we are an official distributor and we also want to ensure all the information so that you can attend the bullfights of the sales with the best possible tickets.

Ticket Sales for Sales

We are a legally authorized distributor

Toros La Central is an online bullfighting ticket sales website for the Plaza de Las Ventas in Madrid.

We have seats for the bulls for sale in the season prior to the start of the two big fairs that are held in the Plaza de las Ventas: Feria de San Isidro (between May and June) and Feria de Otoño (between September and October).

We are a legally authorized distributor, so we sell official tickets at official prices. We hope you enjoy the Bullfight thanks to our locations

To the Bulls with La Central

Buy your tickets for the bulls without intermediaries has as protagonist the bull, the bullfighting and the bullfighters in general and the bullfighting shows of the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid in particular.
In the “news” section we talk about the world of bullfighting without pretensions but with love and respect for bullfighting.

At Faq´s we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the different bullfighting shows. And finally, at “Venta de Entradas” we offer you tickets to attend the bullfighting fairs held in the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid.

place las Ventas en Madrid

San Isidro Fair

The most popular and important bullfighting fair in the world is San Isidro Fair. It usually starts at the beginning of May and ends at the beginning of June, within a one-month span.

During the Fair of San Isidro the bullfighting show starts at 7pm and goes until about 9 pm (it takes about two hours). We highly recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to the show to allow time to sit.

The weather is generally fine in Madrid at this time of the year, so dress a little comfortable. You can eat, drink and even take pictures and videos at the ring during the show.

Fall Fair Madrid

Fall Fair is also extremely relevant in Madrid as the bullfighters performing are the ones who have achieved success during the bullfighting season. The program hosts four bullfighting events, scheduled to coincide with the last two days of September and the two first days in October, or else with the first weekend in October. In any case, the shows are always typically held from Thursday through Sunday.

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