Our Philosophy

Our business vision is based on a simple sale without intermediaries. This is thanks to the fact that all the tickets we sell are ours, in Toros la Central we do not buy tickets from third parties. Therefore, the customer will pay a maximum of 20% on the value of the ticket plus mandatory taxes.

Another interesting aspect is that, depending on the supply and demand of the moment, the price of the tickets will oscillate between the real value of the ticket and a maximum of only 20% applied on that value, which is legally authorized in Spain for the sale of commissioned tickets for bulls.

In Toros la Central we want the final price of the ticket to be very clear from the beginning. We sell authentic tickets for the bulls with assigned seat; that is to say, in no case we will provide a valid ticket only for certain rows and where the number of seat is not specified. In all cases, we guarantee that the customer will always know the type of location and row of their ticket. Tickets are always correlative or consecutive, we do not sell separate or skipped tickets. In addition, tickets are collected in the booth we have in the esplanade of the Plaza de Toros, in front of the main door of it.

From Toros la Central we invite you to compare with other websites selling tickets for bulls and see for yourself that we do not raise the price of tickets as do other websites, which buy and repurchase from third parties.

Where we are

We enjoy the best location in Madrid, in the same door of the Plaza de Toros, so you can buy or collect your tickets and come in to enjoy the celebration. Faster and easier, impossible. Collect your tickets without queues or waiting and enjoy the celebration: comfortable and fast.

Toros La Central

Explanada de la Plaza de Toros, C/ Alcalá, 237. 28028, Madrid.

Tel.: 629 855 031

Email: toroslacentral@orange.es

April – L-V 16:00-19:00

May – June – L-D 10:30-19:00

September – October – L-V  16:30-19:00

Box office Las ventas

During the fair season, you can find us, every day in the same door of the square.

How to get to the bullring Las Ventas

Thanks to our unbeatable location (we are located just at the entrance of the Plaza de Toros), it is very easy to reach us, as we share the same address with the same square.

If you are coming by Metro you must get off at Ventas, and we are right there.

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