Autumn fair at the las Ventas

Autumn Fair 2015. Two Alternatives

The weather may have become crazy, but the calendar hasn´t. This year, autumn started officially on sept. 23. Shortly after the hangover of San Isidro´s fair –held recently in Las Ventas-, the bullfighting fiesta of this season takes the stand: the Autumn Fair -Feria de Otoño- is a must for those who want to see up close the most succesful bullfighters of the season. Up to 7 festivals will be held in October 1, 2, 3, 4, 11 and 12 in La Monumental, as usual. Here´s the line-up:

  • October, 1. 17:30. Novillada –young bulls and novice bullfighters- with picadores –bullfighter´s assistants riding horses- : Young bulls from El Torreón for Filiberto, Alejandro Marcos and Joaquín Galdós.
  • October 2. 17:30. Bullfight: bulls from Puerto de San Lorenzo for Diego Urdiales y López Simón, Miguel Ángel Sánchez.
  • October 3. 17:30. Bullfight: bulls from Vellosino for Uceda Leal, Eugenio de Mora and López Simón.
  • October 4. 12:00. Novillada without picadores. Animals from Jandilla y de Vegahermosa for the three finalists in the novice cycle Camino hacia Las Ventas.
  • October 4. 17:30. Bullfight: bulls from Adolfo Martín for Rafaelillo, Fernando Robleño and Paco Ureña.
  • October, 11. 17:30. Novillada with picadores: young bulls from José Luis Pereda y de La Dehesilla for Mario Alcalde, Manolo Vanegas and Amor Rodríguez
  • October 12, Hispanic Day. 17:30. Bullfight: bulls from Martín Lorca y de Escribano Martín for Iván Vicente, Alejandro Amaya and Javier Jiménez.



This modality is perfect for beginners not yet familiarized with bull rings. The difference between a novillada and a bullfight is the age of the animals –novillos are young bulls between 3 and 4 years old- and the expertise of the frontmen –novices still aspiring to turn into bullfighters-.



Bullfights combine 600k. fighting bulls -specifically raised and breeded for this issue for more than 4 years-, bullfighters and other secondary characters. The only person who can kill the animal is the matador –this would mean the end of the bullfight-.


There are many rules bullfighters must follow in order to keep within the tradition. It´s usually 6 bulls for 3 bullfighters. Our advice is to go with an expert who can guide us in order to understand the fascinating complexity of the fiesta.


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