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Know all about the classification of the bullfighting season 2014 to buy your tickets for the bullfights in Las Ventas and not miss the best bullfighters

After signing the new National Bullfighting Collective Agreement last March 2014, each bullfighter, regardless of the group to which he belongs, is entitled to the early payment of the minimum fees by the hiring company.

The fact that the new agreement enjoys now the official recognition conferred on it by having been published in the Official Gazette on January 15, is particularly good news not only for those dedicated to the sale of tickets for the bullfights, but also for all who care about the health of bullfighting.

Bullfights Tickects Madrid 2015 – Top Male Matadors

Apart from what has been said, the Bullfighting Collective Agreement may be summarized as follows: the number of bullfights run will determine, apart from the fees to be received by the torero, the group within which the bullfighter will be ranked. Thus, we can speak of three groups in the matadors’ rankings, groups, A, B and C.

Group A or Panel of bullfighters, contains only those bullfighters who have fought a minimum of 37 bullfights in Spain, France or Portugal in the last season. Buying tickets for Las Ventas usually ensures bullfight fans to attend many shows where the best bullfighters in the world will perform.

What bullfighters are in Group A for 2015 season?

Given the new parameters of the agreement, only 6 bullfighters have made the paseíllo enough times in 2014 to rank within Group A during the bullfighting season 2015. The matadors in the bullfighting rankings who have been included in the Panel are:


  1. Juan José Padilla. 68 corridas during the 2014 bullfighting season
  2. El Fandi. 66 corridas during season 2014
  3. Iván Fandiño. 51 corridas during the 2014 bullfighting season
  4. Miguel Ángel Perera 46 corridas during season 2014
  5. Sebastián Castella. 42 corridas during the 2014 bullfighting season
  6. El Juli. 39 corridas during season 2014


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