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Line-up for San Isidro Festival 2015. To go or not to go

La Monumental de Las Ventas, the most important ring in the bullfighting universe, is the largest of Spain, the second largest in diameter and the third ring in the world in terms of capacity. Just like every year, I proceed to buy my bullfight tickets for the Feria de San Isidro online in order to get ready to take the subway line 2 and arrive in good time to the corrida de toros at Plaza de Las Ventas, Madrid.

I’ve finally arrived at the ring and I’m queuing behind Tendido 8. I ask here how to get to the Grada, the exact location of my seat in Las Ventas. On my way there I’ve left behind the flagship Tendido 7, where the most demanding aficionados (fans) sit. Right before the bullfighting I start to get really nervous, but I love that!

Las Ventas Bullfight Ring, Madrid: advanced tickets sale

People often ask me why I love bullfighting at all in the 21st century, whether it makes sense to buy tickets for Las Ventas and attend a bullfight. My answer is always the same: I’m no expert, but I am really fascinated by the atmosphere and everything surrounding the show, especially the sound of the trumpets, the colours, the memorable discussions of the experts, their silence, the bull, the tradition.

They say the good bullfighter knows how to find the perfect -though tricky- gap slowly, that he knows how to string together the most delicate series. Although each has its own style, the good matador is called maestro not only because he is an incarnation of strength and control in the ring but especially because he knows how to convey passion, far beyond the aesthetics of his passes.
For many connoisseurs, and for me, the good matador makes the struggle between man and beast look like art and poetry. This is so at least when you attend a corrida at Las Ventas Bullfight Ring, where watching the best bullfighters in the ranking fight is guaranteed.

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