Bullfighting: Do you want to look like a good amateur?

Around Feria time you can experience a unique atmosphere all through the whole area surrounding Las Ventas bullfighting ring. The truth is that, even when you do not need to be an expert to enjoy the corridas, buying tickets to Las Ventas, the most important bullring in the world is also not enough. So even before finding your tickets for the bullfights in Madrid you should know some basic rules of bullfighting. Anyway, be careful where you get this information from because a bad explanation will scare a future amateur off. Here is a mini guide dedicated to those making their debut in the corridas.

Single tickets to Las Ventas in Madrid-FAQ What do the two painted lines on the bullring albero (floor) mean? They are meant to define the position of the picadors to cite and stab the bull.

Why is the horse blindfolded? To not see how a 600 kilos brave bull charges him. What do the colours of the handkerchiefs mean in a corrida? If you are thinking of buying tickets for the bullfights in Las Ventas for the first time this information is essential:

Green. The bull is so gentle that the bullfight is impossible.

White. It can mean the beginning of the celebration but also that the bull is out in the ring, a new tercio change or the trophies.

Red. It indicates that the bull did not want to charge the horse and for that reason he will get black banderillas (sharp sticks).

Blue. The mules drag the bull to toriles only after having made a full turn to the ring.

Orange. The bull will be indultado (pardoned).

What does the applause mean when the bull comes out? The triple clap in Las Ventas is actually palms asking the president to return the bull to the pens because his appearance or behaviour is inappropriate. Conversely, if the bull has the so called ‘type of Madrid’ there will be much cheering. What does the bullfighter tell the president with the wave of his hand? He is asking for a change of tercio (remember that the fight is divided into three parts or tercios).

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